Agriform® Planting Tablets 20-10-5

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Agriform® Planting Tablets 20-10-5

  • Convenient, pre-measured tablets ensure uniform and adequate root zone feeding of field grown trees, shrubs and ground covers for up to two years
  • Contains sulfated micronutrients

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Agriform® Planting Tablets 20-10-5

Agriform® 20-5-10 tablets contain ureaformaldehyde as the slow release nitrogen (N) source, combined with available phosphorus, potassium, secondary and micronutrient elements that are compressed into a convenient, easy-to-apply 5 gram, 10 gram or 21 gram tablets.

Once placed in the root zone, the tablet slowly dissolves and nitrogen is gradually released by soil microbial activity to roots surrounding the tablet.


• Successfully used right out of the box - no need for dilution, mixing or measuring

• Safe, easy to handle and convenient to apply

• Contains N-P-K, (Ca, Mg & S) and micronutrients

• Supplies slow release N to roots for up to two years

• Pre-measurement insures quick application, uniform rates, reduces application errors, spillage and waste

• Eliminates wasteful fertilization of weeds and grass on surface

• Leach resistant properties of nutrients protect groundwater from pollution

20-10-5 Target Crops/ Special Uses Agriform® tablets provide a safe, scientifically complete plant nutrition program which feeds trees, shrubs and groundcovers for up to two years. These compact, easy-to-use fertilizer tablets eliminate the need for repeated fertilizer applications for newly planted and established plants. The target crops for this product include:

• New landscape plantings in ground:

• Bare root, B&B, container stock and ground covers

• Forestry and nursery outplantings

• Interior and outdoor landscaping in containers and tubs

• In nursery containers of various sizes, planted with perennials and nursery stock

• Established trees and shrubs in landscape

• Water lilies, other aquatic plants